A Little Redecorating and a New Class

Now that this house is a whole year old, I’ve decided to rearrange the furniture a little. Okay, it’s not startling. I didn’t change the color of the paint. But I did add a page tab for classes and presentations I teach. At the same time I changed the order of the other page tabs.

I’ll be teaching a new class in the fall, designed for beginning quilters. It will be a real-world class, not online. The class will be held at Inspirations in Hills, IA. Beginning on Thursday, October 16 for five classes, students will learn some basic medallion techniques.

You’ll learn to make puss-in-the-corner, snowball, half-square triangles, flying geese, and variable stars. We’ll cover multiple methods for half-square triangles and flying geese, so you can use what works best for you. You’ll improve your seam allowance, getting those corners to match and points to show. You’ll chain piece, press, and assemble all of those elements to make a medallion quilt top, ready to finish. (The class will not include quilting and binding the top.)

Use your choice of fabrics, in as few as six colors/patterns. Pattern information with yardage and supply list will be available prior to the class.

This class is for beginning quilters but should NOT be your first quilt. You should know your machine, be able to sew a decent ¼” seam most of the time, and be familiar with rotary cutter techniques.

Here is my sample of the class project:

I’m excited about the new class, and excited to offer new quilters a different vehicle for learning than the standard sampler.

If you know any quilters who would like to join me, feel free to forward this information to them. I’d love to have them join the fun!

You can also find me on Facebook at Catbird Quilt Studio!

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