Table Runners

Sometimes it’s gratifying to make a small project, like a few placemats or a table runner. Early this month I finished a table runner that I haven’t shown you yet. I have a small cabinet in my dining room, which I refinished as a teenager. It is made of multiple kinds of wood. The frame is all oak, but the flat drawer fronts and the top are not. And the top is the least attractive part of the piece. I like to hide it decorate it with a table runner.

You can’t tell the wall color from the photo, but it’s pale green. The temple rubbing is from Thailand and was my dad’s. The rabbit is hand-carved, and was a present from Jim on my birthday two days after our son was born.

If the table runner looks familiar, it should. I used leftover triangles from my Harlequin Medallion quilt.

Here are two other runners for the same cabinet. The maple leaf runner used leftover blocks. My sister Cathie sashed and quilted it for me.

This variable stars pattern gives a Christmas-y feel.

Besides these, I’ve made a few others. My first table runner, and one of the first quilts I made, was this simple one for a friend. It looks simple now, but it was the first time I set blocks on point, and it took me a lot of figuring to decide how to do it.

Here is another I made for the same friend. My skills had improved quite a lot by then!

About 23″ x 74″ for a very large table. 2009.

The last picture I’ll share is of a table runner I donated. I made it from an orphan piece, discarded by someone else. The hearts and center wreath were already made. I framed them with the peach narrow border and the final green border. Then I quilted it. I thought it turned out very pretty.

5 thoughts on “Table Runners

    1. Melanie in IA Post author

      Thanks so much! I don’t work small very often, either. There are these and … not much else! A few placemats. And all my big stuff. Thanks for taking a look.


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