In Process — Medallions for Class

One thing I don’t do often is show you work in process. Instead my habit is to wait until I have a completed quilt, and then show it off.

I have two quilts in process for the Medallion Improv class I’m teaching. Though I’m trying to stay a half step ahead of my students, they are all experienced quilters and keeping up great.

The finished quilts are designed to be 60″ square. Each student can decide if that’s the completed size she wants, or something else. On Thursday we’ll share center blocks with three borders added. The size at that point is 35″ square.

I’m doing two projects with completely different personalities. Here is the first one:

The center block includes the half-square triangles. The first border is the line of pink and the line of tan. The second border includes the pale toile. The third is hourglass blocks.

I’m working on construction of the second one. This EQ7 illustration mimics the center block with its first border as built, and the second and third borders as designed. In addition you can see the outlines of the next three borders.

The first border of pieced stripes is completed. The second and third borders are designed but not made yet. Second border includes the large half-square triangles. Third border is checkerboard greens and teals.

All ideas for the next borders are appreciated!! What would you do next on the old-fashioned quilt? How about on the one with bright colors?


7 thoughts on “In Process — Medallions for Class

  1. Kathy Aho in MN

    I love what your first round “corner” treatments add to these two projects! You have given me an idea for one of my estate sale finds!! Thanks so much.

  2. Jean

    I love what you are doing with the corners. Lots more ideas swimming in my head. I just finished my 2nd medallion and will try to get a photo up on stashbusters. Thanks for sharing medallion quilts with us.

  3. Thread crazy

    Melanie, your designs are awesome. If it were me, I’d think of maybe trying some flying geese or possibly 1/2 square triangles. In this third border, I’d use the plum purple or deep pink again with the beige. Then in the fourth skinny border, I’d try bringing in the orange again and then follow up with the floral pattern as the last. I think that would make it pop! What do you think?

    1. Melanie in IA Post author

      Yes, it’s time for the warm colors again. I did the greens and teals similar to the picture above. It looks really good but overwhelmingly cool. So the warms will correct and balance that.

      As to the floral, I think I started with a fat quarter. 🙂 So no option for making it my final border. But I have a plan!

      Thanks for taking a look and the time to make suggestions. I appreciate it.


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