One More Idea

I’m still offline. While off, I’ve been sharing some ideas drawn up in EQ7. Please comment! Let me know what you think, what colors you’d use, what layout you might try, how you’d change it to suit you. I promise to respond when I’m back online.

This one is a strippy quilt in the Streak of Lightning format. It measures about 31.5″ x 40″, a good size for a baby quilt. The blocks are 6″, so when turned on point the strips are 8.5″ wide.


4 thoughts on “One More Idea

  1. Doreen

    I really love this one!!!! Of course, I love anything ‘stars’!!! I can see this one done in a “low volume” combo that would be super sweet (a buttery cream w/ soft peach or aqua/teal).

    1. Melanie in IA Post author

      That would be pretty. I made Em’s bed quilt with streak of lightning. It was a little tricky to execute, but not too hard. And that was a few years ago. I might be better now… 🙂


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