The Lost Gallery

A couple of days ago I made a comment to my new friend Doreen at Treadlemusic. My comment was about a graduation quilt she made for her grandson last year. It was a medallion quilt with a panel center and a hunting theme, perfectly suited to the young man. This post shows the finished quilt and the lucky graduate!

In my comment to her, I shared a link to the graduation quilt I made for my son in 2012. Except, I didn’t! The link didn’t work, and with Doreen’s patience and help, I was able to figure out why. The gallery I had built for Some Old Favorites was still in preview status in WordPress. I hadn’t actually published it. As the author, I could see it. But you couldn’t!

Well, now… TA-DA!! Here is the gallery and here is the quilt.

Graduation quilt for Son. About 81″x81″. The background fabric is the same as used in FFDIL’s quilt.

Today is the first anniversary of the blog Jim and I share, Our View From Iowa. I hadn’t started Catbird Quilt Studio yet, and occasionally I published quilting posts there. One of them was this post on the graduation quilt. It includes photos and some about my process, both for design and construction.

I found the lost gallery. I hope you will enjoy seeing some of my old favorites.

8 thoughts on “The Lost Gallery

  1. treadlemusic

    I just loved to wander through your gallery……and blog posts I’ve missed (cuz I just “met” you!!!!!!). So much beauty and inspiration to be found!!!!!! You go girl!!!!!!!!

    1. Melanie in IA Post author

      Happy Anniversary. I thought about writing a post there for it. In fact I started one. But it was … not a happy one. And it should be happy.

      I love you. XOXOXO


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