February Review, March Goals

After a productive January, my energy level fell off at the beginning of February. February has historically been my least favorite month, and the continuing cold this year hasn’t improved my opinion at all.

No pressure, right? I don’t do this for pay, either the quilting or the writing. No one will fire me if I don’t produce. So rather than push too hard, I decided to coddle myself.

I did get a few things done. The mock-Amish baby quilt is finished. Once I’ve shown it at my guild meeting this month, I’ll send it off to The Girl and her husband.

And I managed to make a 4.5″ block for my small group’s round robin. It will be the center block for mine.

My round robin Triangles quilt and the Mexican embroidery quilt are labeled and hanging.

I’ve moved along the green and brown Medallion Sew-Along sample. I should finish the top today. Once I get agreement (from all the competing voices in my brain) on how to do the back, I can make that and quilt it.

And I have a much better idea how to do the next part of the Tree of Life sample.

So what’s still on my UFO list?

1) Green and brown Medallion Sew-Along sample: finish top, make back, etc.
2) Harlequin medallion: make back, quilt, bind, label, hang in dining room
3-5) Medallion Sew-Along samples: XOXO; African fabrics; Tree of Life panel
6) 6-pointed star: assemble points and decide on a setting, go from there…
7) Crayon blocks from Outer Banks 2009: divide them into 3 or 4 sets, sash, quilt, etc.
8) John Deere project with granddaughter: schedule time with her…

My top priorities for March are the first three, and a project to start for a friend.

There are plenty of other things to work on, also. My life is full. 🙂

How does your project list look? What’s your top priority for March?


4 thoughts on “February Review, March Goals

  1. Thread crazy

    Well Melanie, I guess I have as many as you do but now sure what I’ll get done this month..so here’s mine:
    1. Finish borders and start quilting my “wild quilt
    2. Put borders and start/finish my donation quilt
    3. Work on Grand-daughter’s wedding quilt
    4. Start on Iris quilt
    I’m going to stop there – my top three are also my priorities for this month…I know that a large to do list for me with everything else going on. Just wish spring would come but something inside says its still going to be few week – considering Easter is late this year! Stay warm.

    1. Melanie in IA Post author

      Thanks for the warm wishes. It’s just as well to list your top 3 priorities and no more, if that’s all you’ll get to anyway, right? I WILL get to the other things on the list, but they do have to wait their turn. (In truth, those crayon blocks may never be made into quilts… Not sure what else we can do with them…)

      Thanks for stopping by today.

  2. The Novice Gardener

    Thank goodness February was short, right? But the cold continues, sigh… I think it’s making us sluggish. I saw that mock-Amish baby quilt, so pretty! Do you sell any of your quilts?


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