A Seed to Plant for Spring

The long cold winter drags on, making me long for Spring. This week we have temperatures below zero overnight again. But Spring will come, the sun warming the earth. Seedlings will sprout, at first nearly indistinguishable from each other. Then heat and rain and the earth itself will nourish the early growth, changing its form, until new and unique beings are revealed.

Monday my small group met for our monthly meeting. The agenda is simple. We enjoy each others’ company, and we share our projects with show and tell. But Monday we had another item: we began a new round robin for the new year.

We’ve been together as a group for about five years. Until last year we hadn’t done a project together. After a lot of discussion, we agreed to try a round robin. Each of the nine of us initiated a medallion quilt with a center block, and then the centers were passed to four others to add borders. We all stretched our design and technical skills. And I think I can speak for everyone in saying we were thrilled with the outcomes. My quilt is shown here.

Because of the success we experienced, we agreed to do another. This time, however, we’re making miniature quilts. When quilted and bound, each finished project will be no more than 18″ per side. To do so, we began by trading center blocks finishing at no more than 5″.

Besides the center blocks, we each passed some fabric. Those adding borders can use it or ignore it completely. They have free reign for their additions, with one simple restriction. Each border can be no more than 2″ wide. With three borders added, this will limit the size to 18″ or less, even with a fudge factor.

This is my center block:

A friendship star finishing at 4.5″. The color is more vibrant than shown here, and the green is a poison green.

And I’ll begin work by adding a border to Janet’s lovely applique heart:

Janet’s applique heart, finishing at about 5″.

Spring. Our seeds are planted, awaiting growth and change. I can’t wait to see what they become!


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