What’s in Store for February?

January was a great month for me, for creativity and productivity. Here at Catbird Quilt Studio I published 16 posts, including some great tutorials. At Our View from Iowa, I published five, including a couple with Jim. My writing outside of the blogs is still taking a back seat as I ponder what my priorities are.

Besides the writing, I completed three quilts. Two of them were medallions and one was made using orphan blocks. In addition, I created two tops that are ready to quilt. One is on the frame now, sidelined for a couple of days due to my migraine, which has made my stamina completely crap out. But soon, maybe today, I’ll be able to quilt.

So, what’s in store for February? Well, first to quilt that mock-Amish baby quilt that’s loaded on the frame. It’ll be my first run using a ruler base and rulers for my long-arm.

The other completed top is an homage to the Harlequin medallion quilt, described here. The original quilt was made some 200 years ago. Its bold graphic design looks very modern. I hope my interpretation will do it justice.

Of the nine medallion quilt samples I began for the Medallion Sew-Along, I’ve completed five. Two of the remaining use Track 1, or the prescribed design parameters. The other two are more free-form. I’d like to finish two of the four this month.

Here’s my UFO list, in order of priority:
1) mock-Amish baby quilt: quilt, bind, label
2) Round robin Triangles quilt: label, hang in entry
3) Mexican embroidery quilt: label, hang in living room
4) Harlequin medallion: make back, quilt, bind, label, hang in dining room
5-8) Medallion Sew-Along samples: green and brown; XOXO; African fabrics; tree of life panel
9) 6-pointed star: assemble points and decide on a setting, go from there…
10) Crayon blocks from Outer Banks 2009: divide them into 3 or 4 sets, sash, quilt, etc.
11) John Deere project with granddaughter: schedule time with her…

Okay, granted, it wouldn’t take long to label the Triangles and Mexican embroidery quilts. Before hanging, we need to buy quilt hangers for a couple of places so things can be displayed properly. Aside from hanging quilts, I can take care of 1-6 on the list this month.

How does your UFO list look? What’s your top priority for February?


4 thoughts on “What’s in Store for February?

  1. The Novice Gardener

    You’ve been busy, and staying busy looks like. I love how organized you are. I should follow suit. I tend to do things on the spur of the moment, mostly with unintended consequences (read: not good). 🙂

    1. Melanie in IA Post author

      Unintended can be good, too. I’m lucky because I have time. If I don’t do what I plan one day, there are rarely negative consequences! Sorta different than when you have a more chaotic life (read: one with kids to tend.)

  2. Thread crazy

    My top priority for February would be to finish piecing my Wild Quilt. The cornerstones that I’ve selected to do, I must first fuse my large flowers and then stitch around edges before I can finish the borders! Sure hoping I can get this one pieced soon.

    1. Melanie in IA Post author

      It’s funny how so much stuff needs to be sequenced correctly to get from one end to the other of a project. Some doesn’t matter, of course, but others !!! Big time.


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