KEQ Collage

Inspiration — let’s EXPERIMENT!

Quirks Ltd.

The Knot Even Quilters had another fun collage day. This time we all brought a piece of green background fabric, fat quarter size and then added elements. Last time we kept our shapes primarily geometric and this time we tried to cut some more organic shapes. It was quite a different feeling, also, to be working on many individual pieces and not working together on one larger piece.

Here are the pics–not all good, and I apologize–then I’ll tell you what we learned! Click on any picture for a larger look.

We forgot our lesson from the last collage day! We needed to place larger pieces first, not try to fit them in later or forget about them entirely.

We had lots more smaller detail pieces on these. We tried to make some of those details on top of larger pieces, but we really did not have enough of that…

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