Medallion Sew-Along — First Three Finishes

If you’ve been here before, you probably know my focus (these days!) is on medallion quilts. In fact, I’m so focused, I developed a Medallion Sew-Along. My hope is these posts show you the beauty of this quilt form, and teach you strategies for designing your own medallions.

The Sew-Along includes two tracks of design. Track 1 provides a size format, allowing you to choose the center block and any borders. With sizing, one design element is in place.

With this format, the center block finishes at 15″ and is square. You choose a straight setting or to turn the block on point.
The first border set, whether you set your block on point or straight, takes your center to 24″.
The second border set adds a 4″ border, taking the border to a total size of 32″ finished.
The third border set adds a 2″ border, followed by a 6″ border. This takes the finished size to 48″.
For some of you, the 6″ border might be the last. Others may choose to add more borders.

Here are my first three finishes. Note that ALL THREE use this Track 1 size format.

Medallion Sew-Along finish #1. About 52″. The last border is 2″.

Medallion Sew-Along finish #2, the Big Blue and Brown. About 85″. After the 6″ border, I turned the whole thing on point.

Medallion Sew-Along #3. About 60″. The 6″ border is of friendship stars and spacer blocks. The checkerboard and edge of blue add another 6″ border.

I think it’s pretty amazing and a lot of fun that the same set of instructions can yield such vastly different quilts. To me, it’s like making soup. The ingredients and proportions will be different for each pot, but the basic structure is the same.

You can find more about my design process here and here.


12 thoughts on “Medallion Sew-Along — First Three Finishes

    1. Melanie in IA Post author

      Thanks! The colors don’t come out especially well in the photos, unfortunately. But it’s probably my favorite of the three, also. The one I’m working on now (presumably #4) might end up as my favorite favorite!

      Thanks for taking a look.

  1. Linda Woloshyn

    Oh, Melanie, you did a really marvelous job on all three of these quilts. I really love them. You remain an inspiration. I’m hoping to get back to mine soon.

  2. Rosie

    Congratulations on your finishes! All nice but the top one is my favorite, too, I like the contrast and rhythm. Yes, it is so interesting to see how different the same format can be.

    1. Melanie in IA Post author

      Thanks! I’m still having fun with them, so I must not be done learning yet. I’m working on one today that I really love, and considering how it started, I’m both surprised and tickled.

      Thanks for looking.


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