The Big Blue and Brown Medallion Finished!

I finished it today. Here’s your first look!

About 85″ square, on king-sized bed.

To see how I designed this quilt, take a look here.


14 thoughts on “The Big Blue and Brown Medallion Finished!

  1. Laura C

    BEAUTIFUL. And I’m just getting around to writing you an email response and you said you only had 1 part done?! quick, and beautiful work!

    Now, please share some of your sewjo with me so I can make some quick WIP progress. 😉

  2. snarkyquilter

    My favorite parts are the final pieced borders of churn dash and 9 patch. You mixed up the fabrics in a way that adds variety and subtlety without being high contrast and competing for your attention with the other elements. That way the focus can stay on the center medallion. And the repetition of the floral print in all sections really helps tie it all together. So is this quilted yet?

    1. Melanie in IA Post author

      Thanks for stopping, Nann. I’m working on another one now, one that has me rather stumped. I try something, find it doesn’t really work… I think I need to take A LOT of pix of this process!


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