UFO Sprint!

If you missed me, I hope you didn’t cry for me! Jim and I went on a road trip to West Virginia. We met our daughter’s family at a state park for the weekend, and we enjoyed time with them all. Laughing, hiking, snowball fights, Christmas presents, all part of the fun. On the way there and back, we stopped for hiking. Blog posts to come on Our View from Iowa in a few days.

And now the year rushes to a finish! Fortunately I’m nearly done with holiday planning and can concentrate on quilty time! With so little time left, I need to sprint to finish some UFOs.

This was my list as of November 26.
1) My Medallion Quilt: attach label
2) Round robin Triangles quilt: attach label
3) Mexican embroidery quilt: quilt it, bind it, label it
4) Placemats: attach binding
5) Crayon blocks from Outer Banks 2009: divide them into 3 or 4 sets, sash, quilt, etc.
6) 6-pointed star: assemble points and decide on a setting
7) John Deere project with granddaughter
8) And OH YEAH a boat-load of Medallion Sew-Along samples!

DONE: the Mexican embroidery quilting is done, and the binding is attached. Though I’ve been finishing more bindings by machine, this one will be finished by hand. It’s on the living floor and I’ll get up to work on it in a few minutes.

DONE: the placemats! All sixteen of them are finished and delivered. Each of my two daughters received a set, not as Christmas presents, just presents.

Realistically, with the year winding down, what can I finish? I can attach the labels. I also have tops for three medallion quilts that are ready to quilt. One is on the frame and I’ll quilt it tomorrow, if my day goes well. A stretch is to get one more top finished and quilted.

How are you doing on your year-end goals?


4 thoughts on “UFO Sprint!

  1. snarkyquilter

    Good luck getting to all those items on your to-do list. Since I think my loved ones will strangle me with fabric from my stash if I give them another quilted item, my (hopeful) finishes are more for my own sense of accomplishment. I did make a fabric postcard to celebrate a friend’s birthday last weekend but, aside from gunking up my iron with fusible stuff, that was easy – small, no quilting, and no binding (I zigzagged decorative yarn around the edge.)

    1. Melanie in IA Post author

      I’m done making things for other people, at least for now! Everything on my list is for me, other than the placemats that are done and gone. But I am a finisher, and yes, I get that sense of accomplishment, too. Today I finished quilting one of my medallions. It went pretty well and I’m excited by how much I like it. 😀

      Thanks for taking a look.


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