I Always Wanted Longer Legs

I’m not very big. Okay, a lot of people would call me “short.” It doesn’t bother me, though there are disadvantages.

It’s hard to reach stuff up high without a stool, ladder, or help.
It’s hard to see over people in a crowd.
Long legs give a longer line, aesthetically considered attractive.
Long legs make long strides easier.
Small weight increases are large, proportionally for me.
It’s hard to buy clothes that fit without altering.

But there are advantages, too.
I’m not real impressed when other people are taller than I am, since most adults are.
I learned good table manners, since my arms are too short to make a “boarding house reach” very effective.

Mm… I can’t think of others.

I’ve gotten over the disappointment that I didn’t grow taller. Still, I always wanted longer legs.

And the other day, Jim made my legs longer.

Okay, they aren’t MY legs. They’re the legs of my cutting table. There are a lot of things we can do to make our work spaces a little more comfortable. I determined that a slightly higher cutting table would reduce the stress on my right shoulder. (Sharp rotary cutter blades make a big difference there, too. Don’t ignore that simple improvement.)

Years ago he bought PVC pipe and cut it into lengths to raise the surface of my table. It’s a plastic, folding banquet table, the kind you can buy at the big discount stores. The PVC pipe pieces are longer than the table legs, so when slipped over each leg, they raise it up. (Some people use bed risers to raise their tables, too.)

To make the table even higher, he bought another 12″ of PVC and cut it into 4 pieces. With a piece added on each leg, the table is 3″ higher than it was before the alteration.

The additional 3″ piece of pipe.

The pipe pieces are longer than the table’s original legs, and they support the crossbars, raising the surface.

I love my long legs!

16 thoughts on “I Always Wanted Longer Legs

  1. Brenda

    Hi – I’m new here, but just had to add to the comments. I’m a 4’11” seasoned (older) mom. My son is 6′ & daughter is 5’5″ but I have no clue where they got that height. Nobody in my family is tall & I have a step stool in every room of the house. 🙂 In Wally-World, i usually just go get a broom, curtain rod or other long ‘pole’ to pull things off the top shelves. I got tired of waiting for a taller person to come along & I’d have to put on the pity face when I asked for help. I keep it in my buggy until I’m ready to leave & just take it back to the dept. when I’m done shopping. Works great for me!

  2. The Novice Gardener

    Me, too, with wanting to get taller. But you know what, many of my friends (male included) think that small/shorter women are cuter. No kidding, they said that! I think shorter people are also more agile, more flexible. And, they excel at tumbling! Also, they get rained on last! 🙂

    1. Melanie in IA Post author

      It’s not only funny. It’s ironic. It was a gift from an assistant several years ago. She was just plain bad at what she did, and had a bad attitude as well. If I could have fired her, I would have.

      But I keep it because… not sure why, to tell you the truth. I keep it…

      Thanks for dropping by.


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