More of an Idea than a Plan

I have 6 lovely star points, which need to be finished as a star, of course. Its UFO status means I don’t remember how large it is, perhaps 30″ across. One thing that stopped me was lack of ideas on how to finish it as a quilt. Here are the points, not yet sewn together.

I’ve long wanted to make log cabin blocks in the same pinks and browns. However, making a quilt from them could be an exercise in tedium.

Combining the star and the log cabins? I was visiting with a fellow Stashbuster and blog follower, Barbara Arnelian, when this idea came up. This is an idea to solve both problems! Thanks, Barbara!

16 thoughts on “More of an Idea than a Plan

  1. doni boyd

    I love the lay out. I’m working on a bizillion log cabin blocks now (and forever?) This could be really fun!! Thanks. doni @ Oregon coast – and in Stashbusters of course!!

    1. Melanie in IA Post author

      Yes, it could go a lot of different ways, couldn’t it? Blues and greens, patriotic, golds and browns… How would you make it?

      How is Central America? Seems like you just left… a LONG time ago!

  2. Barbara Arnelien

    Well your idea is MUCh grander than mine!!spent half of my night “thinking” on log cabin is very trad. with 4 small sters in the I was following a pattern in a recent mag..except there were some major problems with the layout..fixed I’m at the border..and this will be all my own idea..more stars for sure..Thanks for giving me a nice your very “over the top” plan..and the colours are delicious.

  3. Nancie V

    Two heads are better than one, as they say. Your diagram is awesome. This will make an absolutely gorgeous quilt!


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