AQS Des Moines | Modern Medallions

I wanted to share some photos from the AQS Des Moines show. There were beautiful, innovative quilts in all categories, much to inspire. If you haven’t been to a quilt show recently, I encourage you to go. As you know, seeing quilts in person is a completely different experience than flipping through pages and blogs of them online. I found them very inspirational, in varying ways.

The medallions at the show crossed all categories except perhaps art quilt. Bed quilts, wallhangings, traditional and modern, the format shows its flexibility.

Here are a few modern medallions. Enjoy!

Dots & Dashes by Judy Mercer Tescher. Note the concentration of dots in the upper right corner of red, and concentration of dashes as you move to the lower left.

Transition by Sandra Vetter. Similar movement to Dots & Dashes above. Yet they are very different from each other. Which do you like better?

Indian Summer by Mary Kay Price. Very fine edges define the space.

New Glory by Scott Hansen. This was part of a special exhibit honoring the military.


10 thoughts on “AQS Des Moines | Modern Medallions

  1. snarkyquilter

    While I like the extra “row” at the bottom of Dots and Dashes which gives more weight to the bottom of that quilt, I like the gradation of Transition more when I look at both quilts in small versions. So, for the long view I vote for Transition with another row added to the bottom. Dots and Dashes is more interesting close up.

    1. Melanie in IA Post author

      I like them both very much, but if you asked me which one I want to own, I would pick Transition. The organic blocks and subtler colors make it calmer.

      Thanks for taking a look.


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