Third Quarter Quilt Round-Up

I don’t have a lot of finishes to brag about for the third quarter, but my I’ve been busy!

Jim and I started the quarter with a trip to Glacier National Park in Montana, and on to the Banff park region in Alberta, Canada. You can read and see pictures here:
Glacier National Park, Part 1
Glacier National Park, Part 2
Banff National Park, Part 1
Banff National Park, Part 2

After we returned and I settled in to work on My Medallion Quilt, I thought, “I should write a book on making medallion quilts!” For some reason, that seemed like a perfectly rational idea. And I began, first with studying other quilting books and then drafting an outline. I’ve written some text, but I also wanted a way to try out some of my ideas.

Then I thought, “I should start a quilting blog!” And at the time, that sounded like a rational idea, too! Jim and I already had the Our View from Iowa blog up and running. We both wanted that site to be broad, able to contain anything we wanted to discuss. But the new blog would be only related to quilting.

The doors to Catbird Quilt Studio opened on July 21. Since then I’ve published 42 posts. Forty-two posts in a little more than two months. I’ve been busy, if only with this.

In the spring I’d talked about starting My Medallion Quilt on the Stashbusters yahoo group. One of the members suggested I begin a medallion sew-along. Though several of my July posts talked about progress with My Medallion Quilt, the first post prepping the way for a sew-along was on August 6, with a book review of border and medallion books.

In August I finally finished My Medallion Quilt.

In the meantime, I published the first official Medallion Sew-Along post.

Besides My Medallion Quilt, I only have one other finish for the quarter. This year my small quilt group agreed to participate in a round robin project. I blogged about adding triangles to it. Finally on September 22 I finished the binding. DONE! Blog post forthcoming.

The Medallion Sew-Along continues. I have six samples in process for Track 1, which use 15″ centers and prescribed border widths. For Track 2, I have three. Here are a few.

I’ll fix the triangles border by dropping some circle appliques on it. The next border will be Xs and Os.

This has a green 2″ border now. The 6″ border is planned but not made.

Top and bottom borders are planned. Then one matching border all the way around.

Top and bottom borders coming of square in a square blocks. Then one more frame.

So far so good. Not completely sure what’s next, but the blue has to come out again.

Granddaughter loved this one! I think she was wrangling for it for herself.

Not very far with this one…

It’s been a busy quarter, as you can tell, even though I only managed two finishes.

How did your quarter go? Any great stories to tell about it? I’d love to hear what you’ve been working on.

10 thoughts on “Third Quarter Quilt Round-Up

  1. Thread crazy

    Melanie…just an added note here. I’ve had the pleasure of looking at your Glacier Park pics and comments; simply beautiful and breath-taking. Will look at the Branif pics soon. Thanks for posting as some of us have visioins and plans of making it there but never know what comes our way so we get to see a little of wonder of nature through your posts!

  2. Thread crazy

    Just love your quilts and I’d say you’ve been busy. I believe you’ve stumbled into something with your Medallion Quilts. Keep up the good work and keep inspiring us.

  3. The Novice Gardener

    OMG, they’re beautiful! I made both my kids quilted blankets when they were born, but nothing as elaborate as these, just squares sewn together. Sadly, haven’t been using my sewing machine much anymore. I have a lot of fabric stashed somewhere in the basement. Maybe one of these days I’ll do something with them.

    1. Melanie in IA Post author

      Your kids’ blankets — just squares sewn together — so were my first quilts! Let me know if you ever want to try another project. I’d be happy to help. And thanks for taking a look and the compliments!


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