More 15″ Blocks

I’ve been making more 15″ blocks to use as samples for the Medallion Sew-Along. Here are six more. Two of them use the same pattern as the block in this post. Another is a variation on it. All three of those are uneven 9-patches. Two more are conventional 9-patch format, and the last is a “5-patch.” (I’ve never figured out why a 9-patch has nine patches, but a 5-patch has 25 of them!)

I love the medallion print in this medallion center block! I used it on the back of a donation quilt. The brown paisley star points was from the back of a friend’s graduation quilt. And the green was in Son’s graduation quilt. This block works pretty well for me, even though it is simple, because the fabrics are interesting.

This one is fun with the repeating circles motif. I remember where I bought all four fabrics, four different places. 

I got a little bored with the block pattern and decided to add corner triangles to this one. In doing so, I needed to recut the corners. I ran out of the gold with dots used in the outside edges and substituted the pale gold paisley. To me it’s even prettier this way. Don’t be afraid of substitutions!

Here’s that medallion print again. There’s not much left, but still enough to cut this center patch. The cream is one I used in two college graduation quilts, as well as Jim’s siblings’ quilt. I really like this block and think it’s a good one to turn on point.

Hmmm… these colors didn’t work as well for me as I hoped. But I think there’s still potential with some color correction in borders. Either way, I like the block design in a basic 9-patch format.

Oh my! The red and salmon prints have been in my stash for years, and I’ve never figured out how to use them. They’re really lovely. This one’s kinda tough, but I think I can make it work. 

From EQ7, some 9-patch format blocks:

And some 5-patch format:


4 thoughts on “More 15″ Blocks

  1. annbuckham

    I really like your blocks. They are very creative. I am afraid right now I am working so much my quilting is very slow. I do not want to start new projects right now, but I do enjoy following you, it keeps me connected. I am working on a Civil War quilt and after I sew them together I will post it. Thanks ,your work is beautiful.

    1. Melanie in IA Post author

      Thank you so much. I’ll keep the project up for some time. If you’re still interested after the Civil War quilt (!!!), you could take a look then.

      Thanks for the follow and the kind comments!

  2. Barbara Arnelien

    I love your blocks..but I have 3 beautiful centers..all applique…dec. which one to use will be my biggest challenge..maybe I should do all 3..cragy me..still hvaing sight have to make ONE dec. Thanks for all your info.

    1. Melanie in IA Post author

      I can’t wait to see what you pick. I’ll leave this material up for a long time, I expect, so there is no rush. You can pick one now and do a different one in the new year.

      Thanks for taking a look today.


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