A Color Correction

Tuesday I shared my medallion quilt top with you. I’m really pleased with how it came together, but one little problem nagged at me. I’d used a cream tone-on-tone for eight little triangle patches in corner blocks, assuming I would use more cream as I completed the borders. But other than the pink on cream print, also used in the center, no more cream elbowed its way into my top!

The cream distracted me.

It distracted me so much that I found a yellow crayon and colored it. Yes, I colored right on the fabric, pressing lightly until the yellow was obvious. Then I pressed the patches with a hot iron to set the color, using a doubled paper towel to protect the surface of the iron.

This is a close-up of the patches before coloring them:

and this is a close-up after coloring:

It didn’t make a big change because the yellow is pale, and while I wish I’d chosen another color to begin, I’m pleased with how easy it was to improve it. Now it won’t distract me any more.

Also yesterday I did finally load the backing fabric on my long-arm frame. That’s as far as I got. Maybe today will see a little more progress.


2 thoughts on “A Color Correction

    1. Melanie in IA Post author

      Thanks. It is on the frame now. I’m taking a little break before advancing it and starting a new pass. Stop by again to see progress!

      Thanks for reading.


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